My Story


My name is Nathalie and recently I discovered several silicone products that seemed to work really well in my life.  I have tree young kids and keeping them and their food organised is not an easy task.  Well, when I saw the collapsible food containers I quickly realized the problems that they would solve (space, heating, freezing, easy to clean). I then found the suction lids and they appealed to my lazy side (just pop a lid on top!) and my desire to live more environmentally friendly (no plastic wrap, no chemicals!).  I found the stretch lids to be the best idea ever when you want to keep food fresh longer or transport food to friends without it potentially making a big mess.  Lastly, the baby food trays have made my life significantly easier.  Cooking quality homemade food for my baby only has to be done in one batch and with the food tray I have seven meals ready very quickly.  The ability to pop the frozen food out or bake in the tray or serve the kids is brilliant.

So, when I discovered these products my first instinct was to make sure they were safe for my kids.  Obviously, we don’t want BPAs or toxic chemicals to come in contact with our food or children.  Well, I’ve managed to find products that are made to the highest standards.  In addition, they will take a big burden off the environment over the long-term.  Can we ask for better?

I continually stay on the lookout for new and innovative products that will make our lives easier at a reasonable cost.  If you have any ideas, feel free to contact me and let’s discuss them!

Here’s to healthy and easy living!

All the best,