Food Tray


Food Tray


Super versatile, you can use these trays in the oven to bake muffins, in the freezer for frozen yogurts or as a serving tray for snacks or sauces. It will last you long after the pureed food!

Very easy to pop out the frozen food, great idea for your homemade baby food. Made of silicone, it is totally safe for your food.

Excellent gift for a baby shower or Xmas gift.

Choose your colour between green (out of stock), orange and pink (out of stock).

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Food tray

These Food trays are perfect to store your homemade baby food in the fridge or freezer.  Made of 100% FDA Food Grade Silicone and free of BPAs and other toxins, they are safe for your baby and no nasty chemicals will leach into the food (beware of plastic wrap!).

They can be used in the microwave, oven (up to 230°C) or freezer (down to -40°C). They are easy to clean in the dishwasher or can be handwashed in warm water.

The compartments are a perfect size for baby meals, milk, etc. at about a ¼ of a cup (2oz or 60 ml). The silicone is non-stick, which makes it easy to pop out frozen or baked food.  There is also a unique clip-on lid to keep your food fresh.

Versatile, the food trays can be used in many different ways long after the baby meals are over.  For example:

  • in the oven to bake mini muffins, chocolate fondant
  • in the fridge/freezer for frozen yogurt, popsicles, jelly home made chicken stock or any liquid
  • as a serving dish for different dips or sauces
  • as a snack tray for a toddler, lunch box

This food tray is an incredibly useful product! They come in 3 colours : Green, Pink and Orange.

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Green, Orange, Pink


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